Stahr Treasury Software Help Standing Data - Menu COUNTRIES and REGIONS
This Treasury Software includes already 232 countries with their respective regions.  Whenever an address need to be entered or monitored, e.g. in loan agreements or fx-  confirmations, the source for the country is this menu. In later transactions this infomation  does not need to be entered a second time. Instead, wherever appropriate, a drop-down list  will appear with the entries made in this menu.  If you have questions regarding the navigation, please click here.  Fields: Country: Country. Mandatory, free text.  Region: Region. Mandatory, free text.  Currency: Select the currency of the account. Source is the menu Standing Data ->  Currencies. Mandatory, pre-entered content.  Restrictions: This box is intended to mark the country-specific restrictions regarding  treasury items. Example: in Argentina only internal deposits are allowed and internal  financing (upstream), cross-border clearing (e.g. cash-pooling) ist not allowed. This is an  important information for the Financial Status report which separating available funds and funds, which are not available for the group (but those  funds are monitored 100% in the general ledger and therefore this restriction information is quite important to know the group’s liquidity situation.  Optional, Y/N Remarks: Free text for any remarks. Optional, free text.