Stahr Treasury Software Help Standing Data - Menu CURRENCIES
This Treasury Software includes already 165 currencies, sorted by ISO-Code and  complemented by the full written name. Whenever a currency need to be entered or  monitored (and this is nearly in every treasury transaction the case) the source for the  currency is this menu. In later transactions this infomation does not need to be entered a  second time. Instead, wherever appropriate, a drop-down list will appear with the entries  made in this menu. If you have questions regarding the navigation, please click here.  Fields: ISO-Code: Currency Code according ISO 4217. Mandatory, free text limited to 3 digits.  Reporting Ccy: A very important flag! This is the Group’s Functional Currency and all dependend reports are translated into this currency. Optional,  Y/N. Name: Full Name of the currency. Mandatory, free text. Remarks: Free text for any remarks. Optional, free text.