Stahr Treasury Software Help General Items
This site gives guidance on general items to use the Stahr Treasury Software (STS). For detailed information of every menu please refer to the  specific help function in each menu (?-button in every right corner at the bottom) or search directly in the sitemap.  System Requirements Stahr Treasury Software (STS) needs only a webbrowser to run, because all applications are hosted at our external partner in Switzerland with  utmost possible security environment. That following browsers run, you need to have at least Windows XP Service Pack 3 or Mac OS X 10.7.  Browser At least one of these browsers need to be installed:  Internet Explorer 10 or higher  Safari Version 6 or higher  Google Chrome Version 23 or higher  Mozilla Firefox Version 17 or higher  Additional Software  In order to have access from the applications to your harddrive or network (import/export functions / interfaces), you need to install Citrix Receiver.  This is a free tool provided by Citrix and can be downloaded here.  Support We give you free support. Please just contact us. Navigation Moving in Menus  Save Record at any time, as long all mandatory fields are completed. Alternatively you can forwared to the next record, see below.    Delete Record. You will be asked before the final delete will be executed.          The navigation pannel is always at the bottom of each menu:  Moves to the first record of all records.  Moves to the previous record.      Shows the current record number of total number of records  Moves to the next record and saves the current record.  Moves to the last record of all records.  Generates a new blank record.  Search function, you can type in any item you like to search for, e.g. currency, name, rate etc.