Stahr Treasury Software Help Standing Data - Menu BANKS and FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS
Banks and other Financial Institutions are a key-element in every Treasury Business.  Those Banks can be external or internal. This menu is responsible to file all kind of  relevant information for all kind of banks. In later transactions this infomation does not  need to be entered a second time. Instead, wherever appropriate, a drop-down list will  appear with the entries made in this menu.  If you have questions regarding the navigation, please click here.  Fields: Name: Name of the Bank. Mandatory, free text.  Address 1: Address-Field 1. Mandatory, free text.  Address 2: Address-Field 2. Optional, free text.  ZIP: Zip-Code of the bank’s city. Mandatory, free text.  City: City. Mandatory, free text.  Country: Country. This field is linked to the menu Standing-Data -> Countries and  Regions. Mandatory, pre-entered content.  LEI: Legal Entity Identifier according EMIR. More information about LEI here. Optional, 20  digits. active?: If the bank has to report according EMIR, tick the box. Optional Y/N.  Rating: Rating of the bank. May be S&P, Moodys, Fitch or your own rating. Optional, free text. Internal: This is an important flag: mark it, if the bank is internal, e.g. the Inhouse-Bank. Leave it blank, if the bank is an external one. Optional Y/N.  Syndicate Member: If the bank is a member of a loan-syndicate to your company, mark this field, otherwise leave it blank. Optional Y/N.  Inactive: In case you have no longer relationship with that bank, you should mark it as no more active. Optional Y/N.  Since: Related to the field inactive. Please enter here the date when the bank got inactive for you.  Contact 1 / Contact 2: Select a given record of the drop-down list. All entries are made in the menu Standing-Data -> Persons. In case the person  you like to enter is not in the list, close the menu Banks, open the menu Persons, enter the person, close the menu Persons and re-open the menu  Banks and update your last record. Optional, pre-entered content.  Responsible for: Enter here the responsibility of the person, e.g. Account-Manager. Optional, free text.  Phone: Phone number. Optional, free text.  Fax: Fax Number. Optional, free text. E-Mail: E-Mail. Optional, free text.  Web: Web-Address. Optional, free text. Clearing Number: Clearing number of the bank. For US-Banks please refer to CHIPS. Optional, free text.  BLZ: Bankleitzahl, only for German Banks for payments within Germany. Optional, free text.  Fedwire: Settlement-System in USA, i.e. only for US-Banks. Optional, free text. Chips: Clearing House Interbank Payment System, only for US-Banks. Optional, free text.  SIC: Swiss Interbank Clearing Number, only for Swiss-Banks. Optional, free text.  SWIFT: Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, global bank and larger corporates communications system. Mostly used for  wire-payments. This number is the unique identification for all banks recorded in this Treasury Software. Mandatory, free text.  Telex: Older payments and communications system. Optional, free text. ABA: A unique number assigned by the American Bankers Association (ABA), only for US-Banks. Optional, free text. Remarks: Free text for any remarks. Optional, free text.