Stahr Treasury Softwar Help Reporting - FX DEAL TICKET
A deal ticket is an important legal document for any foreign exchange transaction. The ticket is issued right after the trader has entered the deal is to be first checked by a second party within treasury and then forwarded to the counterparty, if appropriate. That means, if the deal is made with an external bank, usually the bank sends the confirmation to you. The deal ticket might be also used for authorizing the payments regarding that deal, if not otherwise and better managed by our Payment Proposal Report which is part of the CM+ Module. To select the deal ticket to be printed, double-click on one of the deals mentioned in the list. This list shows all deals available in the system, sorted by deal date in descending order Fields: 1. Company: That’s the internal company incl. full address and name of the trader. 2. Bank: That’s the external or internal bank incl. full address and name of the trader. 3. Reference: Automatic generated unique numeric deal reference. 4. Detail-Block: All relevant trade details. Note: the details are always monitored by view of the Company mentioned under 1). In this example the company buy EUR 1’000’000.- and sell USD 1’352’000.- to the bank mentioned under 2). 5. Payment Instructions: Important and helpful for the related payments to the deal. 6. Remarks: Free line for remarks. 7. Signature: Place for all signatures, e.g. the trader who performed the deal, the person who authorize the deal, the person(s) who initiated the payments.