Stahr Treasury Software Help Reports - Main Menu
In this menu all kind of reports are managed resp. generated. Source for all reports are the contents entered  in one of the sub-menus of standing data and mostly in connection with entries made in sub-menus of the  transaction section. Components  1. FX Rates: prepares a FX-Rate Report for any of the rates previously entered, e.g. to distribute the  monthly rates to all kind of beneficiaries.  2. FX Deal Ticket: Whenever a fx-deal is made, a deal ticket and confirmation can be easy generated.  3. Group Exposure Report: This is the report the group exposure and is available as 3-, 6- or 12 months gap version. 4. FX Stress Test: A very central risk-report every company should use: calculates the total stress exposure for all foreign exchange exposures. 5. Liquidity Plan: Performs all kind of direct liquidity by entity or group and those by currency or consolidated in the desired currency. 6. Reports with a Period: All reports which monitor any information within a specified period: a) Loan Breakdown and Accruals Details, very important for the day to day business in accounting and treasury and key for the correct and safe interest management. b) Loan Detail Export for Accounting. This function generates a Microsoft Excel Spreasheet with all loan details. c) New Loans -> all loans entered in a specific period. Important information especially for accounting. d) The FX Overview is a breakdown of all fx deals entered in a specific period. e) With the report “External Account Balances” all those items are listed in a account ledger per account and as a chart. f) FX Rates Chart 7. Reports with a Fix Date: Many reports are as per one single reporting date. Stahr Treasury Tool offers the following reports: a) Overall Position of FX-Transactions, internal vs. external, by type of transaction, currency and in total. This allows the Treasurer to manage his foreign exchange position at it’s best and have the fx-transaction portfolio all the time under full control! b) FX Export into Excel is made with this function easy and fast. c) With a FX Deals Check it is easy to reconcile all fx deals and confirm it to internal and external parties. d) A reporting for guarantees summarizes all guarantees by guarantor, or e) by bank. f) A breakdown of all credit facilities which shows in detail all current valid credit facilities. g) The external Financial Status gives the Treasurer a very fast and comprehensive information about the liquidity, where funds are, thereof how many are restricted and calculates the net-availability by currency. h) This Financial Status Report is monitoring all funds per company, i.e. owner and availability. A very often used report in a cash management. i) Payment Proposal for all kind of FX-, MM- and Interest Payments. 8. Loan Agreement: loan agreements are an important legal document and need to be issued whenever such a deal is made. In this menu you can perform such an agreement just with a click. 9. Bankinformation:  This Treasury Software allows three kind of information about banks:  a) Banks and Accounts on single level b) Banks, Accounts and Signatures on single level c) Banks, Accounts and Signatures for the whole group 10. Netting Invoices: The intercompany netting invoices are generated in this menu by company, currency, date. 11. Cash Pooling: Get from here all reports regarding cash pooling, such as Cash Pool Structure, Interest Rates Breakdown, Account Statement and very important, Interest Invoices for the Pool-Members. Let us know if you have a special wish for your own report. We can design and implement nearly every existing and new report of your desire.