Stahr Treasury Software Help Transactions - Menu GUARANTEES
Guarantees are present in almost all business areas, as it may be  for  customs, rent, letter of credits, loans etc. This menu is designed that it  remembers the user automatically a pre-defined number of days before the  guarantee expires with a pop up when starting the treasury software.  The  entries made can be used for  remember save to soon expiring guarantees at start of Stahr Treasury  Tool, breakdown of all guarantees by guarantor, Reports -> Reports with a  Fix Date -> Guarantees by Guarantor,  breakdown of all guarantees by bank, Reports -> Reports with a Fix  Date -> Guarantees by Bank,  summary of all expenses made for the guarantee, whereas it is possible  to separate them per bank and currency  If you have questions regarding the navigation, please click here.  Fields: Guarantor: The internal party who stand for the surety. Source is menu  Standing Data -> Companies. Mandatory, pre-entered content.  Open (Guarantor): The selected company may be directly opened in the  menu Standand Data -> Companies. In case there is no company selected,  you will be forwarded to the menu Standing Data -> Companies  to the first  record. There you may now directly enter a new company. After having entered a new company, you need to close the menu “Guarantees” and re-  open ist that the new company is listed in the drop-down.  On behalf of: The internal company for which the guarantee is (i.e. the company who needs the issue the guarantee). Example: Group Mother  Company A has a subsidiary B which needs to give a guarantee for a specific external Beneficiary C. Subsidiary B has no sufficient bank facilities to  grant a guarantee, hence, the Group Mother Company A grants for the subsidiary B in favour of Beneficiary C. Source is menu Standing Data ->  Companies. Optional, pre-entered content.  Open (On behalf of): Same like Open (Guarantor).  Bank 1: The primary bank who issues the guarantee. Source is Standing Data -> Banks, Fin. Institutions. Mandatory, pre-entered content.  Open (Bank 1): Same like Open (Guarantor).  Bank 2: If bank 1 needs to send the guarantee in favour of the beneficiary first to a bank 2, mention bank 2 here. Optional, pre-entered content.  Open (Bank 2): Same like Open (Guarantor).  Beneficiary: The final beneficiary of the guarantee. Source is menu Standing Data -> Companies. Mandatory, pre-entered content.  Open (Beneficiary): Same like Open (Guarantor).  Type: This is the type of guarantee. Types may be Rent, Customs, Lease, Letter of Credit or Others. If it is Others, please mention it in the field  Specifiy. Mandatory, given contend / free text.  Currency: The currency of the guarantee. Source is menu Standing Data -> Currencies. Mandatory, pre-entered content.  Amount: Enter here the amount of the guarantee. Important: if the amount changes during the lifetime of the guarantee, do not forget to  change it and make reference to the submenu “follow up”. Mandatory, free number. Issue Date / Expiry: This is the date when the guarantee is starting resp. ending. Mandatory, free date in the format of your computer (i.e., if your  computer settings are set to american date numbers, enter MM.DD.YY, otherwise DD.MM.YY). Important: update the Expiry Date when having renewed the  guarantee for a further period! Guarantee Nr: Important information to identify the guarantee. Mandatory, free text.  Counter: In case a 2nd bank is involved this bank has his own guarantee number, called Counter Guarantee. Mention this number here. Optional, free   text. Evergreen: Some guarantees always renew themselve. If so, please mark the box. Optional, Y/N.  Expired: In case the guarantee has been expired, tick this box, otherwise the guarantee would appear at every start of the software when the expiry  date is reached and it is no evergreen. Optional,Y/N.  Notice: A very important information that is responsible to remember the user for the upcoming expiry of the guarantee. Enter here the number of days  you need to be remembered to renew or cancel the guarantee. Mandatory, free number of days.  Guarantee returned: A guarantee need to be returned in order to can it duly close. Mark this box when you have received the return confirmation.  Optional, Y/N. Remarks: Free text for any remarks. Optional, free text.  Submenu Follow Up This submenu is responsible for all costs which are related to the guarantee and helps to follow up the correct billing process.  Start Date: Date, when the guarantee is starting regarding the cost-period. Mandatory, free date.  Expiry: Date, when the guarantee is ending regarding the cost-period. Mandatory, free date.  Amount: This is the amount of the guarantee which is basis to calculate the costs in the agreed time. Because the amount of a guarantee may  change from time to time, this field is also an important information about the history of size.  Optional, free number.  Curr1: The currency of the costs for bank 1. Source is menu Standing Data -> Currencies. Optional, pre-entered content.  Costs1: Costs of  bank 1 in the currency Curr1 for the specific period. Optional, free number.  Curr2, Costs2: Same like above, just for bank 2.