Stahr Treasury Software Help Standing Data - Menu CASH POOLS
Cash Pooling is a powerful cash management  instrument to centralize automaticly cash from  multiple bank accounts to one single bank  account on a daily basis. More about Cash  Pooling see here.  In this menu the cash pools are defined with  all relevant information, like pool-leader,  header-account, currency, pool-participants  and interest rates. Hint: read also our article about cash-pooling   in our info-section!  Fields: Pool Name: The name of the cash pool. This can be a free text, but must be unique. Mandatory, free text.  Pool Currency: Select the currency of the account. Source is the menu Standing Data -> Currencies. Mandatory, pre-entered content.  Pool Leader: The internal bank who is the cash pool leader and the owner of the header account. Only internal banks can be selected, basis is in  the menu Standing Data -> Banks, Fin. Institutions and must have the flag “internal”. Mandatory, pre-entered content.  Header Acct: Select from the drop-down the concentration account to/from which all daily cash flows are transferred. Source is menu Standing  Data -> Accounts. Mandatory, pre-entered content.  Remarks: Free text for any remarks. Optional, free text.  Sub Menu Participants  Participant: This is the internal company who participates in the cash pool. Source is menu Standing Data -> Companies. Mandatory, pre-entered  content. Account: Select from the drop-down the pool account to/from which all daily cash flows are transferred. Source is menu Standing Data ->  Accounts. Mandatory, pre-entered content. Note: Only accounts with flag “Cash Pooling” in menu Standing Data -> Accounts are possible to select.  From / To: Defines the start- and end date resp. period the pool participant is active in the cash pool.  Note: There are some security restrictions included:  Accounts can be only selected for previously selected Pool Participants  In case a Pool Participant will be changed, the account is going to be deleted. You need to select than a new account belonging to the new  Participant. However, such a change will have no effect to any pool transaction.  Pool Accounts = Bankaccounts can be selected only once for any cash pool. Sub Menu Interest Rates  Day-Count: Definition of how to calculate the interest, see also definition hereMandatory, given content.  Period: Select the period previously entered in sub-menu Periods. Click on button “Periods” to get into this  menu. Mandatory, pre-entered content.  Start Date: Defines the start date of the period.  End Date: Defines the maturity of the period.  Note: it is not possible to enter a period who is crossing another already existing period. Example:  01.01.2013 - 30.06.2013 -> ok  30.06.2013 - 31.12.2013 -> ok  31.05.2013 - 30.04.2014 -> Not ok, because it is within already existing periods.  After having saved the record click on the left lower corner “save” or move to the next record and go then back to the previous main cash pool  menu by clicking the button “Cash Pools and Rates”. Credit / Debit: Enter the interest rate (p.a.) for the selected period.