Stahr Treasury Software Help Standing Data - Menu FX RATES
Currency Exchange Rates are a key-element in every commercial  software, especially if it manages treasury items. There are a number of different exchange rates possible. First, they are  grouped by Balance Sheet or Profit and Loss rate. Each of them have  their own sub-definitions, such as Actual, Budget, Month End. All this  single requirements need to be considered in a professional treasury  environment.  Exchange rates may be entered manually or in a fast  upload. In later transactions this information does not need to be entered  a second time. Instead, wherever appropriate, a selection window will  appear with the entries made in this menu.  To get a report or a chart for the FX Rates, please refer to menu Reports -> FX Rates.  If you have questions regarding the navigation, please click here.  Important Notice: All exchange Rates need to be entered vs. the group currency. Standard group currency is the EUR. If you like to  have another group currency than EUR, please contact us.  Fields: Currency: Select the currency vs. the fx rate is to be entered. Source is the menu Standing Data -> Currencies. Mandatory, pre-entered content.  Type: Select the exchange type in the drop-down list. To enter new types or to upload currency automatically, please refer to the menu Standing-  Data -> FX Rates -> Rate Type. Mandatory, pre-entered content.  Exchange Rate: Currency Exchange Rate vs. the Group Curreny. Please note: all rates need to be entered as follows:  1. vs. EUR: in 1 EUR = n [Foreign Currency]  2. vs. USD: in 1 USD = n [Foreign Currency]  3. vs. GBP: in 1 GBP = n [Foreign Currency] 4. For all others, in case the group currency is not EUR, USD or GBP: please ask us. New Rate Type: By clicking this button you will be transferred to the menu Standing-Data -> FX Rates -> Rate Type.