Stahr Treasury Software Help Standing Data - Main Menu
The menu Standing Data is intended to file all kind of information which is needed for general information or  later in the transactions-menu. Those entries are made for all further actions just once. That means, if a  person is entered once in the standing data in sub-menu “Persons”, this person must be never entered again  for a second time. This enables a unique and safe handling for all kind of transactions and reports. Or a  currency is entered just once, this eliminates every manual error in further actions and so on.  Components  1. Persons: all kind of persons involved in any of the many treasury processes, internal and external.  2. Banks, Financial Institutions: all Banks and Financial Instutions, internal and external. Financial Institutions may be for instance also an  Inhouse Bank or a Leasing Company.  3. Companies: Same like for Banks but with the difference, that it is intended for all kind of non-financial institutions, internal and external.  4. Accounts: all kind of accounts, internal and external.   5. Countries and Regions: already 232 countries in all kind of regions around the globe are already part of this menu. This menu is also  responsible to set the information about country specific conditions, e.g. whether cash is trapped, fx is allowed or not etc.  6. Currencies: 165 currencies are already part of the empty delivered database. Additional currencies can be entered.   7. FX Rates: foreign exchange rates are a key-element of every treasury software. Those rates can be uploaded automatically from external  sources, i.e. 165 + rates are entered within a second (not available in the free trial version). Alternatively a single data input is possible for each  currency and rate type.  8. Cash Pooling: General Data for physical Cash Pools, like Pool itself, Leader, Participants, Interest Rates.